"The work out was just right, not over worked but I could feel I had done a good workout. It was a novel way to meet new people, in such surroundings, with the dinner and drinks afterwards keeping the social side of it up. Thumbs up from me."
- Chris Churton
"I trained with DJ for around 2 years and in that time my fitness and strength improved more than I thought it ever would. I'm 24 and this is the fittest I've been my whole life. Training with DJ made a huge difference. DJ taught me ways to make the most out of my workouts. I used to dread working out, but now it's an addiction because I know how much of a difference it can make not only to how look but how I feel. Would definitely recommend DJ to anyone, he's professional, can always keep you motivated and has the knowledge and skills to get you where you want. Thanks DJ!"
- Krystal Doyle
"I am really happy with your approach in the way to have assessed the level of fitness I have and tailoring my program to meet my goals. As I mentioned I have had a personal trainer before but the level of detail you go to is a first for me."
- Amanda S, business Owner
"Training with DJ is great. First and foremost he listens and we get along very well. Because he listens and takes the results I want very seriously our sessions are always exactly what they need to be for me - tailored and challenging yet focused. Its great to have a little fun and getting to compliment my sessions with time training is a real buzz. I have been training for two years but only really gained the momentum I need for the results I want since working with DJ."
- Shane W, APN Manager
"DJ Wang was fantastic at motivating me! I wanted to be trained hard and he pushed me which was what I wanted. Being able to have a training schedule tailor made for you and to have the benefit of a personal trainer who wants to encourage and support you to reach your training goals."
- Joel B, Sales Executive
"DJ made the programs interesting and custom built. Often surprising me of how much my body could take. He also was helpful and supportive when I re injured my old back."
- Angela, Registered Nurse